Thermal spray blog update

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First of all, a big offer of thanks to all visitors of this thermal spray blog. You know the thermal spray industry, as exciting as it is, and is filled with superb engineers, operators and other support personnel does have a plethora of sources for reference purposes, be it thermal spray magazines, thermal spray conferences, meetings, expositions and such. And for the hardcore thermal spray engineer, there are numerous technical reference books and technically advanced thermal spray journal articles. This blog does not even come close as a reference tool; and I do not claim in any way , shape or form to be offering that kind of content.

But like all things in life, one needs a little diversion every once in a while albeit within the confines of his or her interest. Just like the classical music fanatic that likes to listen to rock music or hip-hop once in a while ( I wonder what other genre of music Mozart would have listened to if he were alive today.. ), or the serious literature professor that teaches Victorian era English literature, that likes to read a book of fiction by J.K.Rowling, this blog hopes to bring that gush of fresh air to the thermal spray coatings fanatic. And if it has done that, then that is well and good. In fact, a lot of this is summarized in my post entitled **** thermal spray blog layout **** You might want to check it out.

And now, a confession. I have not updated here for quite a while now and that is by no means because I have lost an interest in the plasma coatings field or in writing anything for that matter. I love engineering, I love coatings and I love writing. However, a million other things that were left behind unattended, a million other things that had to be done and a million other responsibilities kind of took up every bit of spare time that came my way. I am sure you all can associate your own lives with what I am saying. How often have you wanted to update those old thermal spray operation sheets, re-organize your plasma powders crib, re-organize your sales brochures, re-train your thermal spray operators, re-evaluate your company goals, visit that old faithful customer that keeps sending you parts to coat every month ( and you have been taking him for granted ! ) and so on and on, but never really got around to doing it! That is pretty much what has consumed me. And you know, I am a human being just like others and so I am going to have to write a letter to the Man upstairs asking for more hours in the day!

And you know, so many global events have taken place in recent times that thermal spray coatings business owners need to learn from and apply to their own businesses. We need to be talking about all these soon. And we will. And since the beginning of this blog, all of us have grown a little older, and hopefully wiser and therefore can perform our duties a little bit better than years ago. Just as wine gets better with age, those in the thermal spray coatings business need to get better with age! And this is applicable to all, regardless of which aspect your main duty deals with, be it operations, engineering, sales or management.

What I am seeing is that the thermal spray industry has truly become global, with exchange of ideas happening all over the earth. I can see it from the visitors to this tiny blog that comprises people from all the continents, many of whom have asked questions and many of whom have simply spent some time reading and learning about what other companies are advertising and their products and so on. And so, in a way, the thermal spray industry deserves some credit for bringing the people of the world together in its own way!!

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