Thermal spray engineer jobs

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In the global downturn in the economy, every sector has been getting affected and the thermal spray coatings industry has not been immune either. Thermal spray coatings companies that have been primarily focused on aerospace thermal spray coatings have not been nearly as much affected as thermal spray companies involved in automotive applications. Thermal spray engineer jobs therefore have become scarcer in recent times not because of anything inherently flawed but simply because of the lowered demand for all components including those that have thermal spray coatings added on to them. Companies that have concentrated on automotive oxygen sensors and catalytic converter thermal spray coatings have been feeling the pinch quite a bit with the result that many have downsized and eliminated quite a few thermal spray engineer jobs at their facilities. So how do you protect thermal spray engineer jobs at your thermal spray plant and conversely, if you are an engineer looking for a thermal spray engineer position, where do you turn and how do you succeed in your search?

First of all, if you are a thermal spray business owner, the last thing you should do is to lay off your thermal spray engineers and operators at this time. That is the absolute last resort. If your company is running profitably, then let it run as is without comparing to previous year profit levels. A majority of companies are showing lower profit levels anyway and there is no need to put more people on the streets. If on the other hand, you are beginning to bleed in terms of cash flow, then the best starting point is to ask ALL of your employees to take a cut in pay, reduce their working hours, reduce working days, operate a job rotation and such creative techniques to keep people employed at lower wage levels rather than putting them on the unemployment lines. That in my opinion is the sacrifice that business owners can do at times of severe recessions. Next, offer thermal spray engineers positions other than strictly engineering in your plant. For example, they can start performing sales or customer service functions or even direct thermal spray coating functions. Thus, finding alternative positions is preferred.

If you are on the other side of the fence, looking to find a thermal spray engineering position, in this economy, you are going to find it a little bit challenging. That is the truth and there is no two ways about it. However, finding a thermal spray engineer job is not impossible. That word – impossible – should be taken out of your vernacular. There are some adjustments you will need to make. First of all, in order to find a reasonable thermal spray engineer job, the cardinal requirement is that you need to be able to relocate. By relocating ability, I mean you need to be willing to move anywhere. And by anywhere, I mean even to a different country. We are in a global economy now and in a global environment, you might find a thermal spray engineer position in Coimbatore, India or one in Cincinnati, Ohio and you need to take on either one if one is available.

It is important to note that it is preferable to continue in the same line of work rather than start flipping hamburgers until the recession storm has passed, because when the good times return, employers are going to be looking seriously as to how well you marketed yourself in tough times. Outsourcing has become a phenomenon everywhere, and instead of complaining about something that you have no control over, you might as well be willing to go to the source where the thermal spray engineer jobs are available. Additionally, it might prove to be a fun trip after all and you might end up learning about other cultures and countries.

We will address more about finding thermal spray employment in a little bit of a greater detail in the immediate future.

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