Thermal Spray Coatings in India

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There seems to be a tremendous amount of interest by thermal spray coatings companies in recent times in expanding into global markets especially India by setting up satellite facilities to perform thermalspray operations. This is proven by the recent establishment of a thermal spray facility in Coimbatore, India by Praxair Surface Technologies. Not limited to the large multi-national companies, even smaller metallizing service companies are curious about establishing a presence in the Indian thermal spray coatings market. This article delves a little bit into the Indian flame spray market and offers a little bit of insight for companies and individuals planning their thermal spray coatings excursion in India.

The Indian industrial scene was pretty much operating as a closed economy for several decades after independence from British rule in 1947. Gandhian principles were the norm where as far as possible indigenously manufactured goods by local entities were the only ones available to the consumer. Most of these goods were of lower quality and imports were highly taxed. Foreign investment was low and the laws were not favorable to foreign investment. However, the infrastructure was getting built during that time period. This infrastructure development was frequently disrupted by political uncertainties and several wars between neighboring countries. Thermal spray coatings was the farthest in anybody’s mind In the next forty years, several steel mills, electric power plants, textile mills and the like were established along with local air transport and road and railway transport networks were fine tuned. The last seven years have seen the Indian economy moving forward in high gear, especially with the start of the IT boom. Why should you consider increasing your thermal spray revenues by having a presence in the Indian thermal spray market – the following will hopefully clarify some thoughts.

Engineering talent available locally in India is unprecedented. There are several world class engineering colleges and Universities including the IIT, IISc, NITs, BITS, etc that produce several thousand first class engineering graduates every year; so finding local engineering talent for your thermal spray operations would not be a problem. Lesser technical functions such as masking, deburring, shipping and customer service personnel are available at a fraction of the cost of advanced industrial nations, so your cost of production can be well controlled. Thermal spray operators can be obtained from local technical schools that abound in every geographical location of the country. Several state of the art industrial parks with ample modes of transportation of finished goods are available. Thermal spray consumables are available in plenty with ease such as thermal spray powders, thermal spray masking tapes, flame spray gases, etc. The local market is abound with plenty of high volume thermal spray coatings applications such as pump manufactures, power plant fan blade manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers and a budding aerospace component industry that uses a lot of thermal spray coatings. With all this, getting orders for your thermal spray coatings facility should be relatively easy. With a workforce that is very fluent in English, language and communication is not a problem by any means. All this is causing a tremendous amount of interest in setting up satellite thermal spray facilities in India at the current moment. However, I believe that the market will saturate several years from now; hence, if you want to establish your presence in India, the time is ripe NOW.

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PenCintiCBE said...

Raj, I just started reading your blog. Very interesting. I do not want to put my personal thoughts here. Can you send me an email to Maninaidu at gmail? I am a retired engineer who wishes to take technology to India to take India to the next higher level. I agree with you that the time is NOW! I am from Coimbatore where Praxair just started a project.
best regards.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thermal spray is a great tool for surface engineers. It has disxtinct advantage over weld hardfacing. We have been doing Plasma and HVOF and PTA coaitngs from Bangalore for many customers and have helped many university projects.
N Pandurangan GM Operations
spraymet Surface technologies Pvt LTd Bangalore.

Monaliza Legarto said...

Plasma Spray perhaps its most interesting property is that hydroxyapatite will bond to bone forming indistinguishable unions.