Thermal spray hvof jobs

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The thermal spray high velocity oxy fuel process is being used increasingly in a wide variety of applications nowadays with the result that there has been a high demand for engineers in the thermal spray hvof jobs market. That is until recently, with the global downturn in the economy. This shrinking of manufacturing globally has resulted in many thermal spray engineers looking for jobs. If you are in the market looking for thermal spray hvof jobs, then there are some things that may be working in your favor and some against. In order to keep your thermal spray hvof jobs search focused and targeted, there are a few things that you could do in order to be successful.

First of all, the hvof process involves knowledge of a wide variety of disciplines in order to be really well versed in it. That is an aspect that can work in your favor, if you have been diligent and conscientious in your previous employment. If you have been goofing off, you are going to be in trouble. You need to be able to rattle off parameters such as gas flows, thermal spray powder feed rates and stand off distances off the top of your mind and be sure that your resume reflects this in depth practical knowledge.

Second of all, know your applications. Thermal spray hvof applications are very specific indeed and if you are well aware of the applications where an hvof coating is the preferred choice over a plasma coating then you can bring that expertise to the new employer and you are more likely to get the hvof job that you are seeking. Conjoined to this aspect is the ability to develop a reasonable level of sales and marketing skills. Even though you may be looking for a thermal spray hvof engineer position, companies like to hire people that can somehow develop additional sales and marketing levels even though that is not their primary job description.

Third of all, know your thermal spray hvof specifications. Requirements of hardness levels, metallurgical microstructures, oxide levels, porosity levels, bond strength levels and such should be in the back of your memory and should be retrievable on the fly. How would you look at an hvof engineer that has no retained memory of these thermal spray specifications as opposed to one that can rattle these numbers off in an instant without having to dig through piles and piles of specifications?

Finally, bring forth your experience on hvof masking to the table. Make sure your resume reflects in-depth knowledge of masking techniques involved in thermal spray hvof processing. Masking for hvof can get to be quite complicated in some hvof jobs and companies are always looking for creative engineers that can come up with simple but effective hvof masking methods. This is a big asset for employers from a practical stand-point and in order to quickly land yourself a well paying thermal spray hvof job, you need to concentrate on all these four aspects.

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