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This post is written as a thank you note for all of my regular visitors that have honored me with their visits since the end of last year and as a welcome sign for all the new visitors. As you all may have seen, this blog is dedicated solely to the thermal spray coatings industry and incidentally there are not that many of such plasma spray blogs out there. Hence I hope all you hard core plasma spray engineers have enjoyed this blog thus far and I also hope that visitors that are not familiar with thermal spray coatings have learnt a little bit from my contribution. Of course, every single post is not technical in nature and that is by design. If all that one is interested is in the technical aspect of thermal spray coatings only, then simply read a book. ( No ? ) I try to add a little bit of humor ( humour for all the Britons ! ) and a lot of practicality to my posts. Hence posts may deal with thermal spray production aspects or plasma spray quality aspects, business aspects and sometimes simply the daily routine runs of the average thermal spray operator or flame spray salesman. In progressing to the fourth quarter of this year, I have made some small changes to this thermal spray blog. I have added a navigation help statement at the top to enable readers to see the previous posts if they are interested. This came in response to a visitor ( an ignorant one at that ), that told me that I have a site with only one page! I thought that if this guy was a thermal spray operator, he would fall into the category of those that do not read thermal spray operation sheets completely and simply “wing” it in parts processing and later realize that he missed a lot of steps! Anyway, the navigation help will hopefully help in visiting older posts easily. Additionally, I have finally turned on comments from visitors for new posts. This has been done after a lot of reluctance primarily from the concern of spam comments. I hope this will not be the case this time around and I have opted to moderate all comments and so please be patient as I get around to moderations.

I have also moved around the advertisements on this blog a little bit. I received a note from a non thermal spray visitor to the effect that this seems to be a heavily commercial site. How far away from the truth can that be I thought. First of all, none of my articles thus far have ever endorsed any one company. Second of all, none of my articles thus far have endorsed any specific product. And finally, advertisements that are served by the search engine are not chosen by me and I have no control over what ads get displayed and what do not. Monetizing blogs is a well accepted practice in every field and believe me the little money that someone throws my way by way of these ads while greatly appreciated does not contribute in any big way to my living expenses ( just check the price of a gallon of gas ! ) So for this reader to make all these statements for posts in the past does not make much sense to me. If not here, where else can the reader read fresh posts dealing with the thermal spray world albeit many of them are not extremely technical, but that is the way I chose to write. Anyway so much so for that.

And finally, here is the tip jar. If you have found this site to be of interest, tell your friends and co-workers about it and spread the word. If you have a site, please consider linking here. Thats all. No dollar bills, pesos, pennies, shillings, rupees, yens or roubles needed. Thank you and see you soon again!

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With regards

Gurmit Singh

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