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People that have visited this site in the past know that what is dealt with here is pretty much anything that deals with the thermal spray coatings industry in general. In particular though you might have noticed that we deal with more of the slightly technically oriented and slightly day to day operations oriented articles that may be of interest to the thermal spray industry person. For example we have dealt with thermal spray robotics, thermal spray powders and other consumables, quality aspects of thermal spray coatings and so on.

And for the most part, besides providing some specific details off and on, I believe this is just interesting reading for the thermal spray engineer, operator or business person. After all, it is free and does not require any membership dues or other cash outlay requirements. I thought however, that there is a need to have a blog that is dedicated specifically to the business aspect of thermal spray coatings. And thus came which is specifically geared towards the aspect of making money in the thermal spray coatings industry.

That blog deals only with the business of thermal spray coatings, be it accounts receivables, powders costing, costs of quality, re-work costs and so on. While the scientific and technical aspects of this technology are quite interesting, the bottom line of the thermal spray coatings company and for that matter any business is to make money. ( unless of course you get to be so big that the world cannot afford you to fail and so you may get bailed out by the taxpayer ) And so you are invited to visit and get some interesting thoughts on the business aspects of the thermal spray business and who knows there might be an article or two there that might really interest you. Personally, I believe both these blogs go hand in hand and each one kind of compliments the other.

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